03 – Pella Mountain Trail

The hiking trail around Pella meanders through rolling hills, olive groves, and lush valleys, offering great views of the valley and a serene atmosphere that stands in contrast to the more arid regions of Jordan

The trail around the oak-dotted limestone hills of Pella, near the archaeological site of Tabaqat Fahl, offers a healthy walking experience.

Pella's landscape is dotted with ancient oaks and limestone outcrops. The area is strewn with remnants from various epochs, including Byzantine and Roman ruins. The presence of artifacts from the Bronze and Iron Age settlements adds a depth to the hiking trail, offering glimpses into the lives of people who walked these lands thousands of years ago.

Situated on the slope of Jebel Sartaba, the ancient site of Pella offers historical insights and strategic viewpoints, which in ancient times, would have been crucial for the control and surveillance of the region.

The trail leads through historic pathways and natural terrains, offering panoramic views and a serene atmosphere.

The significance of Pella is underscored by the active research and excavations carried out by the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation in collaboration with the Pella Excavation Project of the University of Sydney.

For over three decades, archaeologists have been meticulously uncovering the secrets buried within this 10-hectare site, revealing a narrative of human occupation that extends back over half a million years.

This continuous thread of human presence, dating from around 8000 BC to the present, makes Pella a great hiking destination of historical importance.


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