07 – Mukawir Mini Circuit

The Mukawir Mini Circuit offers an intriguing exploration of the lesser-known ruins of the Mukawir Fortress, also known as Machaerus or Qal’at El-Mishnaqa, perched atop a hillside with breathtaking panoramic views of the Dead Sea.

This historical site, steeped in biblical and archaeological significance, is renowned for its association with the infamous dance of Salome and the tragic tale of John the Baptist's imprisonment and execution within its walls.

Despite its rich history and the stunning vistas it offers, Mukawir remains relatively off the beaten path compared to other historical sites in Jordan.

This relative seclusion provides a serene and uncrowded experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the site's historical ambiance and enjoy unobstructed views of the Dead Sea, rivaling even those from the more frequented Mount Nebo.

The Jordanian Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities have been instrumental in developing the archaeological site, making it more accessible to visitors through a well-maintained path that leads to the summit.

The short trail offers an intriguing exploration of the lesser-known ruins of the Mukawir Fortress.

The Mukawir Mini Circuit is thus not just a hike but a journey through time, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, historical exploration, and archaeological discovery.

It invites adventurers and history enthusiasts alike to step back into the past, uncover the layers of human endeavor etched into the landscape, and reflect on the narratives that have shaped this region's rich tapestry of history.


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