12 – Wadi Ghuweir Trail to Feynan

The Wadi Ghuweir Trail to Feynan stands out as a jewel among Jordan's hiking trails, offering an experience that many liken to traversing through a "lost world." This trail is a journey through a verdant canyon that captivates with its almost surreal tropical ambiance.

The trail's beauty lies in its scenic landscapes and its ability to transport hikers to an untouched and serene part of the world, far removed from the hustle and bustle of tourist hotspots.

Part of the trail is a hike of approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) through a Siq (a narrow gorge) with a stream. This continuous presence of water is a rarity in the arid landscapes of Jordan, making the Wadi Ghuweir Trail a unique hiking experience. 

The hanging gardens, clinging to the Siq's walls, are fed by water seeping through the cliffs, creating a natural tapestry of greenery that contrasts starkly with the surrounding arid landscape.

The gardens, a mesmerizing sight, are a testament to nature's resilience and beauty in the desert.

The scarcity of tourists along the Wadi Ghuweir Trail to Feynan ensures that the journey remains an intimate encounter with nature. Hikers have the luxury of immersing themselves in the tranquility and majesty of the canyon without the distractions of crowded pathways.

This solitude amplifies the sense of discovery and adventure, as each step unveils new wonders and vistas that seem to have been waiting patiently for the appreciative eyes of the few who venture this way.

This magnificent trail is a reminder of the natural wonders that lie in wait for those willing to step off the beaten path and venture into the heart of the unknown in Jordan.


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