16 – Wadi Himara Palm Trees and Waterfall Trail

The Wadi Himara Palm Trees and Waterfall Trail near the Dead Sea offers a captivating journey through a landscape adorned with red cliffs and a vibrant array of vegetation including palm trees, juniper, oleander, reeds, and capers.

This trail provides a unique opportunity to engage in rock hopping along a stream that meanders through the wadi, creating small waterfalls and inviting pools that add a dynamic element to the hiking experience. The adventure culminates at a charming small waterfall, serving as a picturesque endpoint to the trail.

Nestled in the lower part of the Himara hiking area, this trail allows hikers to immerse themselves in the tranquility and natural beauty that this region of Jordan has to offer.

The presence of water in the desert landscape, with the stream and waterfalls, brings a refreshing contrast to the rugged surroundings and offers a serene ambiance that is both rejuvenating and inspiring.

The Wadi Himara Palm Trees and Waterfall Trail is an inviting option for those seeking a shorter and less demanding hike that still offers the rewards of stunning natural beauty and the chance to explore the unique landscapes of Jordan's Dead Sea region.

The combination of lush vegetation, flowing water, and the dramatic backdrop of red cliffs makes this trail a memorable excursion for nature lovers, families, and anyone looking to escape into the serene beauty of the Jordanian wilderness.

The division of the Himara hiking area into an upper and lower section introduces a unique geographical feature – Jordan's tallest waterfall. The base of this towering waterfall is accessible only by a more adventurous route, involving climbing with ropes from the lower part of the area.


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