24 – Adami Trail – Jordan’s Tallest Mountain

Jebel Um Adami, also known as Jabal Umm al Dami, stands as Jordan's tallest peak, reaching an impressive height of 1,854 meters (6,083 feet).

This majestic mountain is a highlight for hikers seeking unparalleled views in Jordan. The panorama from its summit offers a breathtaking sweep over the rugged desert landscapes of southern Wadi Rum and extends into the north-western expanses of Saudi Arabia.

The journey to Jebel Um Adami is an adventure in itself, taking travelers through the remote and untamed wilderness of Wadi Rum. The route is marked by the stunning Disi sandstone domes, characterized by their light hues and sublime formations, which contribute to the surreal and otherworldly ambiance of the area.

The 4X4 drive towards the mountain is as much a part of the experience as the hike offering excellent views of the desert.

Hiking the highest peak in Jordan is an endeavor that promises not just physical exertion but a deep connection with nature and a renewed appreciation for the vastness and beauty of the desert. 

It's a journey that transcends the mere act of hiking, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the tranquility, history, and cultural tapestry of one of the most captivating regions on Earth.

The trail commences from the village of Wadi Rum by 4X4 vehicles, weaving through the heart of the Wadi Rum Reserve. This area is known for its natural wonders and various Bedouin camps.

Navigating the desert requires careful planning, including the use of GPS E-trails and our guidebook to ensure safe passage through the area's challenging and sometimes unpredictable environment. 


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