25 – Bedouin Camp Circuit

The Bedouin Camp Circuit in Wadi Rum offers a gentle yet profoundly enriching hike through the enchanting desert landscape, famed for its connection to the legendary T.E. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia

Starting from the Mohammad Mutlak Camp, established by Salem Zalabih and celebrated on platforms like Tripadvisor, this trail promises an easy yet captivating experience, typically completed within three hours. The location within the Wadi Rum Reserve ensures a journey through one of Jordan's most iconic and unspoiled natural wonders.

Wadi Rum's significance extends beyond its breathtaking scenery; it stands as one of Jordan's prime locations for stargazing. The desert's isolation from urban light pollution, coupled with its clear skies and expansive horizon, creates an ideal setting for astronomy.

This celestial navigation, deeply rooted in Bedouin culture, historically guided their travels across vast and unforgiving terrains. 

The Bedouin Camp Circuit is a journey that connects the dots between Jordan's natural splendor, its celestial wonders, and its deep-rooted Bedouin traditions.

It offers a unique opportunity to witness the harmonious blend of history, culture, and science, all set against the dramatic backdrop of one of the world's most stunning desert landscapes.

As hikers traverse this trail, they are treated to a landscape that is visually stunning. The desert's vastness, punctuated by dramatic cliffs and multi-hued rock formations, evokes the epic backdrop of historical events and cinematic portrayals alike. 


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