26 – Burial Mound and Oryx Trail

The Burial Mound and Oryx Trail in Wadi Rum offers an adventurous hike that encapsulates the essence of Jordan's stark beauty and rich history.

This trail leads hikers through the dramatic gorges of Wadi Rum to a Nabatean burial site marked with inscriptions. The journey involves rock scrambling and offers unparalleled views of the desert landscape from the vantage point of Jebel Ragabat Umm, near the fringes of the Oryx reserve.

This trail offers a unique opportunity to potentially spot the Arabian Oryx, adapted perfectly to the harsh desert environment. These magnificent creatures, once on the brink of extinction, roam freely in the area because of successful conservation efforts championed by H.E. the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammad Ben Zayed Al Nahayan.

The Burial Mound and Oryx Trail is a journey through the heart of Wadi Rum, offering a blend of natural wonders, wildlife sightings, and historical intrigue.

Each step on this trail is a step through history, with the silent, vast landscapes speaking volumes to those willing to listen, all while providing a thrilling adventure that tests one's physical prowess and resilience.

The physical demands of the Burial Mound and Oryx Trail are notable. The route requires a good level of fitness due to the need for rock scrambling and hopping.

Navigating the desert requires careful planning, including the use of GPS E-trails and our guidebook to ensure safe passage through the area's challenging and sometimes unpredictable environment. 


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