28 – Ibex Canyon Lookout

The Ibex Canyon Lookout trail in Wadi Rum is a captivating journey through the heart of one of the world's most unique national parks, offering hikers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes that define this iconic Jordanian desert. 

This trail meanders through serene valleys and ascends to vantage points that afford panoramic views of the majestic formations that punctuate the desert, including the renowned Seven Pillars of Wisdom. It's a path that quickly whisks adventurers away from the more frequented areas, offering a tranquil retreat into the natural splendor of Wadi Rum.

For those pressed for time or seeking a less demanding adventure, the trail can be abbreviated to a one-hour round trip, still yielding awe-inspiring vistas that encapsulate the essence of Wadi Rum's rugged beauty.

This shorter option provides a quick but memorable glimpse into the desert's vastness, with lookout points that showcase the dramatic landscapes Wadi Rum is celebrated for.

The Ibex Canyon Lookout trail is an exploration of the awe-inspiring beauty of Wadi Rum and the remarkable resilience of its wildlife.

It's an invitation to experience the desert's vastness, its silence, and its majesty, all while tracing the paths less traveled and discovering the hidden corners where nature's wonders.

For the more intrepid explorer with time to spare, completing the full circuit amplifies the experience, unveiling a succession of stunning views that rank among the best the park has to offer. 

Navigating the desert requires careful planning, including the use of GPS E-trails and our guidebook to ensure safe passage through the area's challenging and sometimes unpredictable environment. 


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