This Hiking in Jordan Guide would not have been possible without the support of a large number of friends who tirelessly spent numerous hours exploring hiking areas with the authors. Our thanks go out to Dr. Tom Carson, Razan Abd El Haque, Andrea Conrad, Jane Sedgely, Rob Strachan, Feras Ajlouni, Janet Beasley, Tim and Xochitl Bartlett, Janet Katz, Prof. Bill Kosar, Marieke Lettink, Janita Sluurman and Frank de Weerd for joining us while Everyone we documented trails in Jordan. We especially acknowledge the contribution of Jackson Grant, who flew in from Australia to assist with the production of the hiking videos and the design of trails. Mike and Terri Scadron and Jane Mahoney flew in from the United States and Martin and Esther Smit from the Netherlands to test our itineraries.

A special thanks goes out to Shama Sallam and Ahmad Eid Ahliwat who, through dedication and enthusiasm, ensured that we fully appreciated the beauty of Wadi Araba and the wonderful Bedouin communities living in and near Rahma. In a similar vein, we thank Salem Zalabih of "Mohammad Mutlak Camp" and his family and friends for welcoming us frequently to his community in Wadi Rum. We also would like to acknowledge Susie Shinaco of the Bait Ali Lodge, for sharing her knowledge of Wadi Rum that led us to the French Fortress and the magnificent dunes in Disi.

We are also grateful to the managers of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, Park Manager Nasser Zawideh, H.E. Commissioner Mohanad Hararah and H.E. Commissioner Sharhabeel Madi of ASEZA for their support and enthusiasm promoting sustainable tourism in Jordan. We are grateful to Jan Anfouka and Reem Saadeh for their friendship and support saving us from difficulties while we explored the country. They were always one phone call away to translate and provide interpretation services when the authors were in trouble. We would also like to recognize the work of Jacky Bedrossian, the author of "Say it in Arabic", and her lovely daughter Lilly for their help providing translations. Our special thanks go out to Emad Qasaymeh of the Aqaba Astronomy Association and his family for building an amazing observatory in Wadi Rum, which brought us frequently to the desert watching the stars at night.

We are also grateful to our graphic designer Martin Smit for his outstanding work creating the lay out of this book and producing the hiking maps. We are also grateful to Mike and Terri Scadron, JoAnn Bordeaux, Judy Macaluso, Andrea Conrad, Fran Paver, Dan Pelletier, Samantha Winter, Paulette Fried, Shadi Tanash, Andrew Bennett, Prof. Bill Kosar, Jane Mahoney, Chris Lehmann and Janet Katz, for proofreading and critiquing drafts of the guidebook. Our special thanks go out to Ms. Claire Brennan for her outstanding support by proofreading large sections of the draft and to Gregory Pellechi for his valuable contribution as senior editor of the guidebook.

We would also like to thank you, the users of this book. By purchasing this book, you not only make it possible for us to develop more hiking guides, but more importantly, by visiting Jordan, exploring its beauty and interacting with its communities, you substantially contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Chris Grant & Gregory Maassen
Hiking in Jordan


Hiking in Jordan