This stunning trail leads through one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra in Jordan. As you follow the trail, rediscover Petra as Johann Ludwig Burckhardt did in 1812 when Petra was introduced to the Western World.

While walking on the trail, you will see a large number of monuments in Petra.

Petra High Place of Sacrifice Trail - The Treasury - Hiking in Jordan.

Monuments you will see along the trail include the Treasury, the High Place of Sacrifice and the Obelisks, the Lion Monument, the Garden Temple, the Roman Soldier Tomb, the Renaissance Tomb and the Monastery; more monuments than most tourists see.

Petra is Jordan's famous UNESCO World Heritage site and a unique place to hike through. As stated by UNESCO:

The Outstanding Universal Value of Petra resides in the vast extent of elaborate tomb and temple architecture; religious high places; the remnant channels, tunnels and diversion dams that combined with a vast network of cisterns and reservoirs which controlled and conserved seasonal rains, and the extensive archaeological remains including of copper mining, temples, churches and other public buildings.


We have included in the hiking guide two alternative E-trail routes to Little Petra through the High Place of Sacrifice. The Petra High Place of Sacrifice Trail to Little Petra Route 1 is approximately 1 km (0.6 miles) longer in distance, but guides you to more monuments in the center of Petra before heading to the Monastery and Little Petra.

Alternatively, the Petra High Place of Sacrifice Trail to Little Petra Route 2 leads you further from tourist areas in the direction of al-Habis Mountain and the restaurants near the steps to the Monastery with more nature and space.

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