This wonderful trail leads to a large number of sites in Petra including the Treasury, the Facades Street, the Grand Temple, the Mosaics and the Monastery.

After you have navigated the 730 steps up to the Monastery, the trail continues through breathtaking landscapes and magnificent valleys.

Petra Monastery Trail - The Monastery (El-Deir) - Hiking in Jordan.

This is an easier hike than the High Place of Sacrifice Trail in Petra since it is shorter and more importantly, you need to navigate significantly fewer steps. We have also included in the hiking guide an alternative E-trail route to Little Petra through the Monastery. See the hiking guide for more details.

Hiking in Petra is a unique experience. As stated by UNESCO in its description of Petra as a World Heritage site:

The fusion of Hellenistic architectural facades with traditional Nabataean rock-cut temple/tombs including the Khasneh, the Urn Tomb, the Palace Tomb, the Corinthian Tomb and the Deir ("monastery") represents a unique artistic achievement and an outstanding architectural ensemble of the first centuries BC to AD.


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