A lovely and easy-to-reach canyon, Wadi Weida’a is a nice area for a family outing and those who enjoy waterfalls and an abundance of vegetation in a unique rocky desert landscape near the Dead Sea.

This is a short wadi walk through juniper, oleander, reeds and palms with a beautiful grotto and waterfall at the end of the trail.

Wadi Weida'a - Chris and Gregory at the End of the Trail - Hiking in Jordan.

The trail is located not far from the salt evaporation ponds of the Potash City on the Dead Sea road (Route 65) and the small historic site of Bab adh-Dhra'a (an early bronze age town),

Since this hike is relatively short and not far from the Dead Sea Highway, it can be easily combined with a visit to the castle in al-Karak. 

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