Jebel Um Adami (Jabal Umm al Dami), at 1,854 m (6,083 ft.) is the highest mountain in Jordan.

It affords a fantastic panorama over the vast desert mountain ranges of southern Wadi Rum and north-western Saudi Arabia.

Adami Trail in Wadi Rum - On the Summit at 1,854 meters or 6,083 foot - Hiking in Jordan.

Jebel Um Adami is in a spectacular area that is well worth visiting for the drive itself. You pass through a remote, wild and incredible landscape with beautiful light-colored domes of Disi sandstone. The drive is spectacular.

We offer two GPS E-trails as part of the Hiking in Jordan Book: One for the trail and one in case you want to drive to the mountain with a 4X4.

The route starts from the Wadi Rum village and leads through the camp area in the middle of the Wadi Rum Reserve where the Skygate Observatory and Bedouin camps are located. 

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