Enjoy the sunset in the heart of Wadi Rum in the vicinity of Bedouin camps and the observatory (with a 16 " Meade Telescope) Chris and Greg worked on while in Jordan.

Starting at Salem Zalabih's "Mohammad Mutlak Camp" (see also reviews on Tripadvisor), this is an easy hike that can be completed under three hours. The trail is located in the Wadi Rum Reserve.

Bedouin Camp Trail - Salem Zalabih's "Mohammad Mutlak Camp" in Wadi Rum - Hiking in Jordan.

Wadi Rum is one of the best places in Jordan for stargazing, due to its remoteness from big city lights, the clarity of the sky and the long horizon (range of 13 km, 8 miles). Astronomy is not new to Bedouins, as they have always been able to cross vast distances and deserts by relying on their knowledge of the stars.

The Aqaba Astronomy Association built an observatory near the Bedouin Camp Trail with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in close consultation with the Bedouin Associations in Wadi Rum and Disi. The observatory has a 16” Meade Telescope and runs on solar panels. By providing job opportunities to young
Bedouins as astronomy guides, the observatory supports Bedouin families in the area.
The trail near the observatory is in unique territory. As stated by Mike Scadron who visited the site:
An expansive desert landscape, interspersed with sheer-sided cliffs, unravels before us. Multi-colored sandstone and granite rock formations rise from the pink sand like towering monuments.  We might as well be in a set for Lawrence of Arabia, as this is the land where the famed British officer led the fight against the Ottoman Turks during the Arab uprising of 1916-18.
Mike Scadron

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