The hike in Wadi Rum leads through gorges, to a burial site and a Nabatean inscription. Rock scrambling is involved, but you will be rewarded with great views of Wadi Rum from Jebel Ragabat Umm near the Oryx reserve.

You may spot Oryx from the trail with binoculars if you are lucky as we have been (see for more information our hiking book),

Burial Mound and Oryx Trail in Wadi Rum - Magnificent Views - Hiking in Jordan.

You will not be hiking within the Oryx reserve. The footage of the Oryx in the video was taken from a distance with the permission of the local authorities in the presence of park rangers.

... Arabian Oryx began wandering the Wadi Rum Nature Reserve after they were reintroduced to their natural habitat last January. The return of the endangered animal was made possible as part of an initiative by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammad Ben Zayed Al Nahayan to reintroduce 60 Arabian Oryx to the reserve ...

There is a fair bit of scrambling and rock hopping involved, and while none of it is particularly difficult, it requires reasonable physical fitness. In addition to the physical challenges, this hike also requires additional preparation. 

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