Explore this spectacular trail that leads through valleys and overlooks with magnificent views. The trail is located in Wadi Rum, one of the world's unique national parks.

The trail provides superb views of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and escapes the crowds, and touts, within minutes.

Ibex Canyon Lookout - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom in the Distance in Wadi Rum - Hiking in Jordan.

The walk can be cut short easily, and stunning views can be gained with a one hour round trip if you backtrack down the trail. But, if you have the time, the circuit is well worth it as you will get some of the best views Wadi Rum has to offer.

The mountains in the hiking area are a refuge of the Nubian Ibex (Capra nubiana). Inaccessible mountains such as those around Wadi Rum are the only reason the nimble Ibex maintains its tenuous hold in Jordan. 

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