Rarely visited by tourists, the real Lawrence of Arabia Spring near the Nabatean Temple is a hidden oasis in the desert of Wadi Rum. It is a fairly easy hike with magnificent views if you extend the trail.

This hike is very picturesque and takes you to a lovely spring that T.E. Lawrence actually visited, unlike the numerous sham Lawrence locations about the place (including another commercialized "Lawrence Spring").

The Lawrence of Arabia Spring in Wadi Rum - Magnificent Views on Top of the Trail - Hiking in Jordan.

Shallow paved steps help you navigate the hillside towards the spring. A picnic area has been built near the top of the path that leads to the spring. Follow the path to the end where water trickles from an overhang into puddles in the shade. This is the area Lawrence describes in his book:

In the idleness forced on him by our absence, Lewis had explored the cliff, and reported the springs very good for washing in; so, to get rid of the dust and strain after my long rides, I went straight up the gully into the face of the hill, along the ruined wall of the conduit by which a spout of water had once run down the ledges to a Nabatasan well-house on the valley floor. It was a climb of fifteen minutes to a tired person, and not difficult. At the top, the waterfall, el Shellac as the Arabs named it, was only a few yards away.

T.E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom 

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