Undoubtedly one of the most impressive and pristine deserts in Jordan, Rahma (Rahmeh) in Wadi Araba north of Aqaba is a unique hiking area rarely visited by tourists.

The area offers a range of high-quality features: a Siq, exceptionally beautiful dunes, hills, rocky outcrops and even some vegetation in the middle of the desert.

The Rahma Bedouin Camel Trail - Exceptionally Beautiful Sand Dunes - Hiking in Jordan.

The views are great, and you will experience a tremendous sense of space and isolation in the vastness of this landscape. The area is truly exceptional and equals, if not surpasses, the beauty of Wadi Rum.

Make sure you bring the GPS E-trails, a copy of the hiking guide, and plenty of water when you explore the area. 

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  • We would like to acknowledge Mrs. Shama Sallam from Rahma who has been instrumental in guiding us through this remarkable area.