Finding your way in Jordan is not always easy. Public transport is for most difficult to understand and not necessarily reliable. In addition, public transport routes are rarely in the vicinity of the hiking areas with the exception of irregular buses to Wadi Rum and Petra from Amman, Madaba and Aqaba. Driving by car is often the best way to find your way to the hiking trails.

The Hiking in Jordan Guidebook includes easy to follow and detailed directions to each trail. But did you know that you also can use your smartphone, tablet or car GPS to find the trail?

How it Works

Although most trails do not have a visitors' center with an address, you still can find the hiking trails using Google Maps or Bing Maps apps on your smartphone or tablet.

The trick is to use a GPS coordinate from the hiking guide as the destination instead of an address.

Using GPS Coordinates

Each trail description in the guidebook includes the GPS coordinate of the starting point of the trail. These can be used to print directions to the trail.

Go to Google Maps or Bing Maps on the web or use the apps on your smartphone.

Type N32 27.046 E35 36.938 for example as your destination and press enter to find the starting point of the Pella Mountain Trail, north of Amman.


Please note that the directions from Bing, Google or any other map provider may not necessarily correspond with the directions in the guidebook.